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19. prosince 2007 v 11:48 | Martin so thx !!!
Další super videa - 7.9.2007 a excellentní popisky od Martínka...
Ultimative Chartshow RTL 07.09.2007 - Die Erfogreichste Daurbrenner Alben, The Kelly Family Over the Hump - 112 weeks in german Charts...
"Die Ultimative Chartshow" is a very popular music programme broadcasted on RTL (a German Satellite TV Station, headquarters in Luxembourg). Every session is dedicated to a different style and type of music- such as Italian hits,Christmas songs, movie soundtracks, etc. On 07.09.2007 it was focused on albums,which stayed the longest time in German Charts and played an important role in the German Music industry - Official Band albums.

The Kelly Family has a very important role in the music industry, so this session was also dedicated to them. Their most important and excellent album "Over The Hump" stayed in the German Charts for 112 weeks. Dauerbrenner Album = (A Title for a long time in the charts)...

This video has 3 parts:
Introduction of the band with comments of music experts, a live unplugged performance of the song First Time lead vocals by Patricia Kelly (From the album Over the Hump) and an interview with Maite, Patricia, Joey and Jimmy Kelly. Interviewer: Oliver Geisen.

Part 1 Introduction :
The album Over The Hump was released in 1994. Kellys had many bodyguards in the 1900´s . In 1994 street musicians became a worldwide known pop group. The album remained 112 weeks in German Music Charts according to the statistics. Kellys explain the meaning "Over The Hump" as "Over the mountain, over the hill managed , achieved ". Patricia also remembers the moment, when Paddy was composing the song "An Angel"-"I remember it was on a houseboat, I was in my room and I heard Paddy composing the song with his quitar in his room and I thought- this is will a great song".
On the screen we can also see a map where the family members live today- not together, but on different European places.
The experts think only the best about this fantastic band: great family, talents, phenomenon and excellent musicians.

Part 2:
First Time - unplugged version - lead vocals Patricia, music friends of Kellys played in the show, too...

Subtitles meanings:
Position 23 - Kelly Family :First Time 1994-not 1984 (it is a mistake by RTL)
The song First Time is from the album "Over The Hump" 3 500 000 worldwide copies sold.
The band is in autumn on tour- information:


Part 3 :
Interview with Patricia, Maite, Joey and Jimmy
Kellys have families - together 10 or 12 small children, Joey has the oldest child (it seems, they are ot sure about the ecact number:-)
Maite is expecting her second baby-congratulation !!!
She thinks she will get a birth to a second girl.
Album Over The Hump: Patricia "It was an excellent album, but it is not her favorite album today", she has favorite songs, generally she admits it is a high quality album.
Maite: Our lives changed with Over The Hump. Kellys say "Thank you" to people, who bought the CD.We can not have an artistic freedom.
Jimmy:"I like to be here today, thank you, we can play live on TV till now, many thanks to fans".
Oliver Geisen asked, if the second generation of the Kelly Family gets some music education...
The daughter of Maite moves in the rhytm of music a little bit. The small son of Angelo imitates him "I Wanna Pee Pee" very good, Angelo sang this song, when he was small video sample:

Moderator: "All the best to you Kellys and to your families, good luck with your 2nd Child Maite: "Anytime you want to come to the TV studio you are welcomed guests ".
Subtitles meanings:
On tour with Circus Roncalli
Joey is also successful as an extreme sportsman
Patricia supports musical therapy projects.
Jimmy plans a solo CD

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1 poppaea poppaea | Web | 26. prosince 2007 v 17:38 | Reagovat

ahoja, konečně sem se dostala na Coelha a musim ti dat za pravdu, ze je to uzasny. takova tenoucka knizka a prece tak fascinujici:), budu v tom pokracovat

2 joj......;-) joj......;-) | Web | 28. prosince 2007 v 11:06 | Reagovat

ahooj...pekny desing ......

3 Mellody Mellody | 30. prosince 2007 v 21:50 | Reagovat

aj ja si som tu par krat bola ...velmi sa mi tu paci...

4 Mellody Mellody | 30. prosince 2007 v 21:51 | Reagovat

prosim ta nevies kde by som stiahla najnovsie songy od Kelly family a Paddyho??

lebo to nikde nemozem zohnat a uz som s toho zufala...fnuk:((

5 Brenda Monique Brenda Monique | E-mail | 2. ledna 2008 v 20:45 | Reagovat

mellody newim ktere presne myslis kdyztak mi napis vsechno na mejlíka ju.-)

6 Mellody Mellody | E-mail | Web | 3. ledna 2008 v 10:13 | Reagovat

jasneee:D dakujem kraasne:))

7 Mellody Mellody | E-mail | Web | 4. ledna 2008 v 12:11 | Reagovat

mnooo mam problem teraz...nejde mi zobrazit tvoj mailik:(( co ted??

8 Brenda Monique Brenda Monique | E-mail | 6. ledna 2008 v 19:24 | Reagovat

je to lepší.-)


9 Mellody Mellody | E-mail | Web | 7. ledna 2008 v 17:20 | Reagovat

jeeej dakujem moc si zlaticko...cmuk:))

10 Johanka :-D Johanka :-D | 24. listopadu 2008 v 9:39 | Reagovat

Ahoj, tady na těch stránkách jsem našla příběh o Paddym, který se mi opravdu líbí. Tak to teď spamuju na všechny blogy o KF :-)

Papa, Ája

11 R?hüł R?hüł | E-mail | Web | 18. ledna 2012 v 14:15 | Reagovat

no comment:-)

12 Federico Federico | E-mail | Web | 29. června 2012 v 10:44 | Reagovat

To je alespoň o něčem...

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