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More pictures with Jimmy you find HERE


Full name = James means ("a supplanter - to replace"), Victor means ("a conqueror")
Date of birth = 18.2.1971 (Aquarius)
Place of birth = Talavera de La Reina/Spain

Parents = Daniel Jerome (11.11.1930 in Erie / Pannsylvania-USA)
and Barbara Ann Suokko / Kelly (2.6.1946)

Marital status = Also he´s married since 4.6.2005 with Meike Höchst.
Instruments = Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Congas, Flute, and Accordion.
Role in the band = Directing some of the videoclips and involvement ina management
Hobbies = Surfing, reading cinema
Favorite CD = Joshua Tree by U2, "All that you can´t leave behind" U2
Favorite artist = Jennifer Lopez
Favorite band = U2
Favorite film = Tender Mercies, Dr. Zhivago
Favorite book = Anything about the movies
Notes = Jimmy has been live short time in Dublin / Ireland and studied there film
at the local University. He has showcased his 12 minute short film, "Fortune's Fool" at the
Irish Galaway Film Festival (in which he won 2nd prize).
He has a production company called "Warrior Film"
together with Melanie Gore-Grimes.


His wife : ( Pictures with her HERE )


Date of birth = 3.11.1980
Place of birth = Fehmarn/Germany

Marital status = She´s with Jimmy since 2000 / 2001,
Notes = She was in Fan club "No Lies" and was a big fan of Kelly,
one day she made an interview with Kellys, and so she met at the first time Jimmy.
Kira, Maite Kelly, Yamina and Meike are very good friends.
Meike studied psychology together with Kira.
She was the babysitter of Kira and Angelo's two kids. Meike wears glasses.


Their Children : ( Pictures with children you could see HERE )


Date of birth - 9.8.2006
Nickname - Aimée (read it Amy)
It´s a french name (means "beloved one")
Place of birth - Germany / don´t know specificaly


Date of birth - 31.5.2008
Jimmy has told about his youngest daughter that the giving birth
of Máire has gone very laboriously.
Her fontanelle has slid not well in eachother with the results that a number of her
nerves are touched and/or damaged.
Máire was very slack and she has much pain, headaches and pain in her belly.
However it is a bit improves and the surgery is postponed.
Finally was the operation not necessary.


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1 odeto odeto | 28. srpna 2006 v 16:44 | Reagovat

jů. Díky Brendičko naše zlatko, Jimmy mi tu chybal

2 BlessedMary BlessedMary | E-mail | 28. srpna 2006 v 19:48 | Reagovat

jak natáčeli ten street tam hází dobrý ksicht :-)))

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