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28. června 2006 v 11:07 | Brenda Monique |  Poems / Básně

Možná jsou to doopravdy "jejich" básně - a možná že ne ...
Kdo ví ?
Každopádně je fakt, že tento materiál koluje mezi fans

Maybe it´s really their poems - and maybe not ...
Who knows ?
But it´s fact, that these stuffs
circulate among the fans

BARBY KELLY - 11.03.1993
I'm sad
When I'm looking from windows
It run to me a lot of
They are killing for me.
I'm very silent and sad
I ask myself why?
They break me the heart
I stay
Because I'm afraid
I'm sad
Nobody respects me !

Green hills and deep valleys
Big cities and little towns
Wild Irish sea and Atlantic Ocean
A house in East Ferry
Wathichg the waves and the ships
Going to Marlook Inn
Having a Guiness, having fun
Singing, dancing, talking
Just feeling free
Sailing on the ocean
Go shopping in Cork
On weekends go to Dublin
Talweg or the south-east-coast
Watching the waves at the cliffs
Listen to musicians in Doolin
Seeing the dolphin in Dingle Bay
On a Sunday night coming home
To a house in East Ferry
It's my island in the ocean
My home until I die in my dreams.

PADDY KELLY - 16. 08. 1996
Be free
I'm blocking my ears, yet I hear it
I'm shuting my eyes, yet I see it
I would like away, I would like to say you, that it hurts me.
I would like to be like you, free and lucky
But yet I'm afraid, I'm afraid to be alone
But yet when I'm alone, I'm free.

BARBY KELLY - 08. 10. 1996
Glory and lustre
Life in noise and murmur
Everywhere famous
Beauty, luck and joy
On the outside it seems so perfect
Yet inside she's destroyed
Sorrow gnaws inside
Pain remains still near of that
Give the love to other
Though man alone hasn't her
Smile - Just no cry.

BARBY KELLY - 22. 11. 1996
Be stronger than ever
Be stronger ! I thought of it.
Be stronger, or will be nothing of you !
Whereby I merited it ?
I felt the freedom, how the wind took her away.
I wanted to relish my life and my family to close in arms.
The simple life was away!
And everywhere was the scream!
I forbore the dance, because I felt, that the hysteric fans laugh me.
On, God, what did I do !
Street life lost the power.
The hysteric fans, hear me ! What did you do !
The blame was still only the Angel. He deprived us of freedom.
The hysteria undertook the power.
The cry follows us. And whom can I thank ?
To the hysteric fan, because when they don't take care, then they kill me !

PADDY KELLY - 28. 05. 1999
I'm living in fear
I'm living in fear
They don't want to understand me.
They want me only like their "baby",
But they never will really me.
They want only that who is on the stage,
But it's not me!
I try to hide,
But they are everywhere!
I have a fear of their shout,
I have a fear of their cameras,
I have a fear of their loves!
How can they love me?
I'm not that,
Of whom they think, that I am.
This all isn't objective,
What they mean about me.
They love only the one
A I'm not that.
I hate this world
I hate this life.
In silence I'm looking for the better place,
Where I don't drink
Where I don't die.
Why cannot I to show, who am I?
Why nobody like me?
Why cannot I to be like on stage?
So splendid and witty.
He is so fabulous.
I like him also.
I like my dissimulation
I have a fear of all that,
What leave me the deep scars!
The danger is in the air,
I want to hide.
But they find me and kill me !

Weeper clown
Does he laugh still ?
They're thinking about him, that he can't cry.
And when his heart hurts, they don't see it.
And you await only aglow fun of me.
Let me live! Give me freedom!
It's so hard to be a clown.

Why ?
Why can't you say "I'm not pleasure"
Why can't you say "Stop!"
Why don't you say everyone, how do you really feel
Why don't you do it, what do you want
That they can't for it?
They subsist
They really need you.


1 člověk ohodnotil tento článek.


1 Amelie Amelie | 23. srpna 2006 v 15:38 | Reagovat

Vidis Brendik co sa to deje na tvojich strankach??:))))))

Paddik bude z tolkeho modlenia unavenucky:))

2 Jenny Jenny | E-mail | 23. srpna 2006 v 20:20 | Reagovat

Ale nebude, a když bude, dáme si všichni na chvíli šlofíka a potom pojedem dál. Neverending praying.

3 Brenda Brenda | Web | 23. srpna 2006 v 22:14 | Reagovat

jo neverending to možná jo ale tak sinnin´ale praying to rozhodně nebude.-)))

4 BlessedMary BlessedMary | E-mail | 24. srpna 2006 v 9:14 | Reagovat

nejdřív si pohřeší pak se pomodlíš takhle bůh pracuje ne že se bude první modlit a pak hřešit to by byla ztráta času

5 BlessedMary BlessedMary | E-mail | 24. srpna 2006 v 19:48 | Reagovat

jj Paddy je prostě svěží a na pohodu ..fičák má u toho taky... a z housenky dělá ještě větší housenku

6 Mari139 Mari139 | 29. února 2008 v 12:59 | Reagovat

Hello from Hungary!

I'd just like to ask if it was really Barby and Paddy who wrote these poems or fans?

Thx for the answer.

Have a nice weekend!


7 Diana Diana | E-mail | 28. května 2008 v 10:26 | Reagovat

je to prekrásna výpoveď ich duší i keď až priveľmi bolestivá, no pravdivá

8 mar mar | 16. prosince 2008 v 18:08 | Reagovat

if these are them realy

than they are not very happy on some moments i know paddy wassnt happy

these poams are realy beautifull but allso sad

greets me

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