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10. dubna 2006 v 10:53 | Brenda Monique |  Updates / Novinky


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1 ..sweetest angel... ..sweetest angel... | 20. července 2006 v 7:33

Hi honey!! :) Surprise, surprise!! :)))) It's me, sweetest angel from the forum!! :)) Hope I'm leaving my comment on the right place?! :))

Anyway, I like your blog, really!! :) Amazing job Brendik!! :) Keep on doing like this!! :) Many kisses and hugs from Croatia!! :) *love ya*

2 Brenda Brenda | E-mail | Web | 20. července 2006 v 11:28

Wooow my dearest friend honey Angel also I´m so happy you came to me and left a comment...because I thought you´ve not enough time yet for visiting net, so I´m ever really so joyful when you´re by my side.-))) Brenda

3 ..sweetest angel... ..sweetest angel... | 23. srpna 2006 v 14:01

Thank you honey for your sweet words!! :) I see you're getting better and better every day!! :) Such a beautiful site you made!! :) And tons of amazing pics, I enjoy them to da max!! :)) Keep up the good work!!Love ya, kisses from Cro!! :))

4 Brenda Brenda | Web | 24. srpna 2006 v 21:43

ANGEl...thanks so much!!!I´ll keep for you and all here.-)promised!!!

5 maitekelly.de maitekelly.de | E-mail | Web | 14. ledna 2007 v 17:40

Hello Brenda,

we got the information that you are publishing a photo of Maites daughter Agnes on your website. This is an infringement of the copyright, which holder is maitekelly.de. Above the picture you can see the demand not to publish it anywhere else. Otherwise you have to pay for it. So we have to call on you to take the picture off of your website.

With kind regards,

Maitekelly.de Support

6 Brenda Monique Brenda Monique | 14. ledna 2007 v 20:30

Okay, I wouldn´t make you angry...dear admin...

but the same way I think I didn´t make anything bad, because this site isn´t a web site but something like personally blog, and it´s better , than other fans, ...when they do bussiness with such photos (of Kelly kids), I wouldn´t make money ! that´s the big difference, though I´m a real Kelly fan - so I´ll make it right...

with heartly greetings Brenda Monique

by the way I´ve here a photos of my own lil son, and when someone do copy of them, it´s never mind.....but I know...I´m not famous.-)......

7 Brenda Brenda | 23. ledna 2007 v 11:15

Sorry I stopped this topics comments, but I have some troubles with spammer, who have written spams messages here. How it´ll end I open it here again...

Sorry že jsme to tu pozastavila, ae měla jsme problémy se spamery, kteří mi sem psali spamové zprávy, jak to přestane obnovím to tu...

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