- 1995 - Bravo Interview with Paddy

11. dubna 2006 v 21:49 | - Brenda Monique - |  Paddy Kelly

- Maybe you remember at this artickel from Bravo 1995.
Officials interviews + posters with Kellys, and with every Kelly individually.
So here´s the one with - Paddy -

In the time, when use to go Nicholas with angel and the devil through the streets
- 5.12.1977 - was born in a caravan near the irish Dublin - Michael Patrick Kelly.
When her mother felt first labour pains,
it was a rainy decemberly night and around the caravan raged a storm.
Paddy pecked out to the world sooner before catched come
the midwife - also his father helped.
He is the only one kid of Kellys children, who was born in Ireland,
and from this reason, he got a typical irish name - Patrick.

When her Mom died, he was only five year old.
"And still nowadays I´m rememberin´well, how we did together in Spain
every Sunday picknics on a bank of some big river" - says Paddy
"Our mother was a tender woman, she took care loveful about us".
When I was ill, she used to make for me a hot milk with honey,
she sat by my bed and stroked me on hairs.
That was the best medicament.

Early as a little child was Paddy a big scamp, unremittingely he thought
out some dirty business.
"When we have lived in the end of 80. years on a houseboat in Amsterdam.
I built someraft with Angelo and Maite from old boards and wood-splinter plates.
Maite sewed asail and I devised self even a pedally drive".
At that time had Paddy a little garden too.
Where he grew some garlic, parsley, and potatoes - and he reared one she-goat.
"Her name was Heidi, but she kept never to give me some milk". "
Also I used to buy milk on a market with rest bioproducts".
"I asked, how to make a cheese, and then I prepared self at home
a fresh cheese and butter too".

Paddy was a savage - and a unlucky fellow too, who hurted self often during the playing.
Between his seven and ten years, he was a fixed guest in the hospital.
"He´s remembering"- "Once time by the show kicked me Joey unintentionally into my head
and the doctor must stapled me the eyebrow with four stitches".
"In nine years I tried to slide in stand on the slide-flash into a swimming pool"."
I felt down and punched into my head - I had terrible blooded".
"Then I thrusted still Tin Whistle an irish flute into my mouth".
"It stabbed me the roof of the mouth and sufficeed few centimeters and the flute would get to the brain.
They operated me in anaesthesia. But mine worst injury was by the journey in brougham.
My foot got into the wheels. I had screamed like loony".
"My siblings pulled me out - my shoe was full of blood and my foot horrible tumifed me".
"They took me into the hospital and still then for some moths long
I must to bring some special bandages".
"And the scares on my right foot I´ve till nowadays".

Today are Paddys wild times away.
And the accidents are avoiding him.
He likes fishing and swimming and some time he goes to the fitness.
But the most he likes music and in every free while he use to take guiatr into the hands,
and many songs he composed on the piano too.
When he´s not applied to music, he listen CDs. His favorite group is Pearl Jam.
Since his four years was Paddy standing on the stage and had sing with his family,
and since his six, he was made the music for the full-time.
How the first instrument he managed the Whistle irish flute.
In 8 years he began to play on the guitar and latery the bass guitar, keyboards, and percussion.

Nowadays is Paddy beside his sister Kathy a musicaly leader of his family.
He had an important word by the choosing the songs and he expertly appreciate them.
He´ s the author of the song An Angel, which dispatched the hitparades.
"This song is about a dream of flying and about the angels".
But his own angel Paddy hadn´t found yet. "In Fourteen years I was crazy fall in love.
Her name was Brenda and I wrote even some song for her "Brenda my love".
"But after how we removed from the Amsterdam to the Germany I never saw her".
Since this time haven´t got Paddy anybody.
"I´m finicking with the love, and I´m waiting for the right ..."
Paddy is a born showman. And he has got one big dream.
He would like to be a moderator in an own talk show, in which he would to like speak
about normal people, because every human is with something interesting.

- Translate from Bravo.de -

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1 Paddy   Family Paddy Family | 11. června 2007 v 12:14 | Reagovat

Hello  Paddy.Lusia

2 kika kika | E-mail | 28. června 2007 v 11:21 | Reagovat

Paddy I love you ...

3 vera6 vera6 | E-mail | 18. srpna 2007 v 23:01 | Reagovat

dajte mi prosim vediet v ktorom klastore je ten paddy kelly.dakujem

4 Dárče Dárče | E-mail | 25. srpna 2007 v 10:51 | Reagovat

nemate tu fotesky Paddyho i s dlouhyma vlasama?

5 Anna Anna | E-mail | 6. září 2007 v 14:51 | Reagovat

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